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Unified Workspace simplifies device lifecycle management for IT through deploying, securing, managing, and supporting your ecosystem from the cloud.
Together, our community can drive industries forward.
Who We Are
The Dell Technologies Unified Workspace Community provides a forum for IT decision makers and administrators to network with peers, increase technical proficiency, and learn best practices for workforce transformation through modern unified endpoint management.
Why Join the Community?
Becoming a member of the Unified Workspace Community, allows IT professionals the unique opportunity to connect with peers who have the same experiences, responsibilities, and interests regarding deploying, securing, managing, and supporting endpoint devices for medium and large enterprises.

Members connect directly with Unified Workspace experts, resources, and news on digital transformation, which in turn enables IT innovation, increases efficiency, and reduces costs. Together, our community can drive industries forward.

Member Benefits

Join today to access:

  • An online community created for networking and collaborating with your peers
  • Industry news and important product updates from Dell Technologies
  • Industry-recognized accreditation for Unified Workspace proficiency
  • Webinars and other technical content created for the Unified Workspace Community
Earn the Dell Technologies Unified Workspace Co-Skilled Badge
Earn the Dell Technologies Unified Workspace 2020 Co-Skilled Badge that recognizes your expertise and join our Unified Workspace Community to connect with other IT professionals
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