Configuration of Workspace ONE UEM, Driver Management, and BIOS

In the first video of our VMware Workspace Unified Endpoint Management series with community member Joris Adriaanse, we discussed a use case for maximizing productivity with Dell devices and unified workspace.

This second video of our 5-part series dives deeper into how to configure Workspace ONE UEM, Driver Management, configuration of the BIOS, and out-of-the-box experiences.

Learn how to enroll and manage a Windows 10 device from Dell here. The video demonstrates the customization options for setting up a Workspace ONE UEM account.

Once you have enrolled a device, you then need to create profiles to configure settings for all devices. It’s important to note that when creating profiles and configuring the device, you’ll want to ensure proper security settings and setting proper passwords, security pins, and encryption.

The last thing to do is create applications that are being deployed to the device.

Learn more in the video below from Joris on everything you need to know to maximize your productivity in deploying new devices!

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