Dell Sales Recruitment Page

A Community of 

Unified Workspace Customers

The Dell Technologies Unified Workspace Community provides a forum for IT decision-makers and administrators to network with peers, increase technical proficiency, and learn best practices for workforce transformation through modern unified endpoint management.

Communities thrive on knowledge sharing and as IT specialists, you have unique perspectives–which is invaluable to customers. Dell specialists frequently get involved with our community activities, and you can too. 

Why should I join?

When you or your customers become a member of the Unified Workspace Community, it allows for the unique opportunity to connect with peers who have the same experiences, responsibilities, and interests. You can provide the community with valuable insights into the wants and needs of your customers, ultimately enhancing the community experience.

Your Customers, Your Community

You can connect with your customers directly in our interactive online community. Members have access to Unified Workspace experts, resources, and receive news on digital transformation, which in turn enables IT innovation, increases efficiency, and reduces costs.

Gather Customer Insights

Access to customers that tend to invest more in products and purchase more frequently than non-members

Gain a Competitor’s Edge

Stand out from the competition by giving customers access to resources, events, and networking opportunities

Build Strong Relationships

Participate in two-way dialogues with engaged product advocates and build stronger relationships