Dell’s New Digital Tools Support IT Modernization

September 28, 2020

If you are wondering how to measure your organization’s progress toward a modern IT infrastructure, two new easy-to-use tools are now available from Dell Technologies. There a several benefits that the DTUWC can gain from these tools. Along with determining your current status, these powerful applications also highlight the financial benefits of investing in digital technology.

With the 2021 budget season rapidly approaching, these convenient tools provide DTUWC members with the foundation for an effective cost-benefit analysis for deploying, securing, managing and supporting your organization’s devices from the cloud.

Here are the two new tools from Dell Technologies Consulting to support DTUWC members around the world.

Digital Workspace Maturity Self Assessment

Is your organization a leader, a fast follower, a late majority or a laggard in terms of digital workspace maturity? Hopefully, you are on the forward side of the curve, because ESG research shows that organizations with the most mature digital workspace environments are more than twice as likely to maximize user productivity than the laggards. Even better, user satisfaction is up to ten times higher with leaders than laggards.

This self-assessment, based on a survey of 1,000 peers, includes questions like the age of the average primary computing device in the workforce, whether users are running the latest operating system on their devices and how much your organization invests in user devices, on average. Other topics include the percentage of manual work done by IT administrators, current security capabilities and whether your organization is using a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution.

These questions are particularly valuable in today’s work-from-home environment, where many IT professionals are looking for cost-efficient solutions to support remote employees using a variety of devices and applications in non-traditional settings.

Based on the results of the Digital Workspace Maturity Self Assessment, you will see recommended next steps in modernizing the workspace. By automating provisioning, streamlining help desk operations, reducing security vulnerabilities and improving user experience ratings, you can capitalize on the many operational and financial advantages of a modern digital workplace.

IT Modernization Value Calculator

With the IT Modernization Value Calculator, you can identify promising opportunities to accelerate innovation, enhance productivity, and unlock the value of your data throughout your organization. Best of all, you don’t have to guess at the financial benefits and payback periods for making investments in IT modernization projects – this Dell tool does that for you.

Along with simplifying the PC lifecycle environment through more efficient deployment, management and support solutions, IT modernization initiatives can help your organization enhance the customer and employee experience. It can also help you gain a powerful competitive edge in your marketplace. 

Advanced applications like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can generate data-based insights that drive better business outcomes. For instance, investments in advanced digital technology can simplify the design of new products or services, identify supply chain issues, and help your organization bring new offerings to the market more quickly.

Other issues to consider in calculating the value of IT modernization include reduced PC staging, logistics, imaging and program management costs, as well as more efficient user setups, faster provisioning, asset tagging, application deployment and management. Digital transformation investments also give IT professionals more time to address meaningful business issues, rather than routine administrative tasks.

Whether you are considering cloud deployments, remote workforce applications, data center modernization, analytics, workforce collaboration or a delivering a better user experience, IT modernization projects can deliver substantial value to your organization. These tools are valuable additions to our community!

Let us know what you think of these tools – have you had chance to use them yet? Leave us a comment below or post about them in our forums.