Earn a Co-Skilled Badge for Unified Workspace to Recognize Your Workforce Transformation Skills

Round out your knowledge base about providing a modernized end-user experience with practical, credentialed information about Dell’s Unified Workspace.

As the mad dash for digital transformation continues in our workplaces (which is everywhere nowadays), we need trusted sources with practical information that helps make our jobs as IT technicians and decision makers easier.  Enter Dell’s Proven Professional program, a body of role-based training and exams offering certifications across the full range of Dell Technologies’ hardware, software and solutions.

In support of Dell’s Unified Workspace (UW) solutions, an accredited Dell Proven Professional course is offered to recognize demonstrated proficiency in our Unified Workspace solutions.  This is Dell’s first-ever client-based authorized offering, a nod to the value and the increasing technologies available for making device management more efficient and the user experience more rewarding. The course to earn the Dell Technologies’ Unified Workspace Co-Skilled Badge was refreshed in the spring for 2020.

Think of the Co-Skilled Badge as a License to Drive

Authorizations, such as the Co-Skilled Badge, are industry-credentialed recognition that a person has demonstrated knowledge of certain technical tasks – in this case, leading edge IT modernization solutions Unified Workspace and Workspace ONE.  Think of when you first earned your driver’s license.  You were required to take instruction then pass an exam and a road test.  Like operating a car, transforming a digital workplace has critical consequences and carries some risk.  Getting your “license” provides a measure of confidence to your organization before throwing you the keys.

The Co-Skilled Badge assures your organization you’re prepared to help improve operating efficiency through modernized endpoint management.  Your familiarity will also help ensure a smooth Unified Workspace implementation with your Dell partners.  And just like showing off your first license to your friends, your co-skilled badge brings the value of an industry recognized authorization to your professional development and to your organization.

What’s in a Name?

Why is it called a Co-Skilled Badge?  Somewhat unique about this course is its close integration with Workspace ONE certification.  Since VMware’s Workspace ONE is a foundational piece of much of our Unified Workspace solution, Dell and VMware have partnered to create this course which reflects this integration.  A co-skilled badge is a unique type of accreditation – it requires two tests to earn one credential.  As such, a Workspace ONE certification is part of the requirements to earn the UW Co-Skilled Badge. 

What’s Covered for 2020?

The latest 2020 version of the course is updated for the most recent Dell offerings within the four pillars of Unified Workspace – Deployment, Security, Management and Support – as well as its latest integrations with Workspace ONE. 

The Deploy module covers how to conduct an environmental assessment, a checklist to prep for factory provisioning, provisioning integrations with Workspace ONE, a simulation of key steps including creation, validation and updating of packages, video examples, and a how-to for on-premise preparation.

The Secure pillar content includes install/uninstall tutorials for Dell SafeBIOS, SafeID and SafeScreen, all part of Dell’s Trusted Devices technologies. There are also technical summaries of our Dell Encryption and SafeData features.  Dell SafeGuard and Response is also addressed, covering our NGAV, EDR, Managed EDR, and Incident Response capabilities (in partnership with Carbon Black and Secureworks).

Manage training includes nine separate simulations for operating Dell Client Command Suite (DCCS), PowerShell and DCCS integrations with Workspace ONE.

Finally, Support pillar content highlights the Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs including determining your optimal support level, utilizing the TechDirect self-serve portal, and tutorials on SupportAssist and SupportAssist with Insights.

How to Earn the Unified Workspace Co-Skilled Badge

The steps to earning the UW Co-Skilled Badge are straightforward – but don’t mistake that for being easy.  Like all things of value, it takes some effort to achieve!

1. Take the Training. 

First complete the VMware VCP Digital Workspace certification course.  This course involves multiple days of in-person (or virtual) training for Workspace ONE with a proctored exam.  Learn more about this course at www.vmware.com/go/vcpdw2020.  The VCP for Digital Workspace is accepted for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.  You will also complete the Dell Unified Workspace training and assessment.  The Dell training is available online and on demand and can typically be completed in one day.  Access the Dell course at www.dell.com/unifiedworkspacebadge.com.  Each course requires a separate fee.  The two courses can be taken in any order.

2. Submit your credentials.

After completing the VMware VCP Digital Workspace course and passing the Dell UW training, you’ll upload your credentials at www.dell.com/uploadyourcredentials.  Your submission will be verified.

3. Show off your badge! 

You’ll receive your virtual badge and confirmation via email.  Keep in mind that earning this recognition is an accomplishment so be sure to feature the co-skilled badge on your resume and social media profiles.

Once earned the co-skilled badge never expires.  But digital transformation is moving quickly, and you’ll want to refresh your credential every couple of years to remain leading edge.

As an IT pro, you’re no doubt embracing the emerging technologies driving revolutionary workforce transformations.  Dell and VMware have made these practical and credentialed programs available to help ensure you get the most out of these modern management capabilities.  They are designed to help implementations go smoothly, and for you to be recognized as an authority for endpoint management transformation.  Best of luck on your exams!

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