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  • Josue

    October 14, 2020 at 12:48 pm

    1. What do you want from this community? Is it the networking, the resources, the events, or what element(s) could keep you more engaged within UWC?
    – I want to be able to share my knowledge of the Unified Workspace and Windows 10 modern management. I love networking and events the most. If anyone wants to connect or follow my content please feel free to find my social profiles here.
    2. How can we bring value to you—both in a digital world and, hopefully in a not too distant future, back in a “new normal” physical world?
    – In a digital world, perhaps hosting a panel session from current customers. Not executives but IT practitioners to share their experiences with the Unified Workspace.
    3. What kind of content do you want to see from us? Would you like to be a contributor and help shape the direction of this community?
    – I would love to contribute where I can. I would love to see some more info or demos around how to get started with using the Unified Workspace. Hear from current customers about their experiences.
    4. Events are great – what is it that you like about them? Is it the camaraderie, the social drinks, the open and honest discussions?
    – Open and honest discussions. Would love to see some Ask Me Anything type sessions as well as opportunities to network with others.
    5. For virtual events, what makes you want to attend one event/webinar/webcast/etc. over another?
    – Who is presenting is a major factor? Are they well known? Are they in marketing vs technical role? Are they a customer or internal employee?
    – Also timing, being a family man it’s hard to join events which are during “happy-hour” times. So I am more likely to join if it’s during standard working hours.
    6. Have you noticed things that help make a virtual event run more smoothly for you? On the flip side, what have you seen NOT work for a virtual event?
    – Start meeting with everyone’s camera off, and everyone muted.
    – Incorporating virtual props and backgrounds make wanting to join video on Zoom desirable.
    – For networking events, leveraging breakout rooms in Zoom make it easier to have more personal niche conversations.