Freestyle Orchestrator: A Game Changer for Workspace ONE

April 8, 2021

Freestyle Orchestrator was announced at VMworld 2020 as the newest feature of the Workspace One UEM console. Have any of you gotten a chance to use it? What do you think of the features?

Despite the seemingly cheesy name, Unified Workspace Community advocate, Sam Akroyd is a huge fan. He detailed the features and makes a strong case to migrate to it on his blog Check out his post “Orchestration for end user devices? Really?” to learn more!

Workspace ONE has split its automation into three stages: Resources, Workflow creation, and Workflow performance. By providing data you can create the automation which triggers the workflow to then establish a IF-THEN-ELSE workflow performance. These enhanced features of the Freestyle Orchestrator allow for a cohesive end user experience.

Imagine being able to build a flow based on any information you can bring in from a sensor, deploy profiles or apps based on the results of those sensors and even build in intelligence using conditions.

Sam Akroyd

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