It may seem obvious that the constant innovation and advancement of end user technology (machine learning, cognitive computing, etc.) drives a need for the deployment of such devices to be optimized as well. The path to that optimization, however, can seem daunting—even insurmountable—at times. Especially when the bottom line is at stake, the challenge of doing more with less is one that every IT decision maker has felt at one point or another.

But what if it wasn’t such a challenge after all? What if there was a way to minimize the guesswork and predict the effect of a deployment approach?

A recent survey of 500 organizations across the world found that organizations with the most optimized overall approaches to PC deployment across a range of deployment activities incur lower costs associated with IT staff time and lost user productivity compared with those with the least optimized processes.

A seasoned IT decision maker may question how this is accomplished. The evidence shows that utilizing centralized processes to manage deployments and leveraging automation to deploy PCs in less time, giving users more control over applications and migration of files to new PCs, and minimizing the frequency, duration, and impact of problems related to PC deployment can reduce costs associated with IT staff time two-thirds or more.

What does this mean for Dell customers?

Dell has established itself as a leader in the concept of the frictionless user experience. As such, it comes as no surprise that ProDeploy Client Suite enables businesses to work faster and accurately and with minimal disruption to the IT staff. Tasks facing IT administrators such as data migration, data transfers, imaging, and setting changes become seamless processes with this new deployment service. The ProDeploy Client Suite helps not only reduce costs but also improve the chances of a successful deployment and helps ensure that companies make the most of their scarce resources while adopting new systems and capabilities.

The survey’s findings are compelling. In a hypothetical analysis based on the survey results, we estimated that ProDeploy Plus can reduce deployment time by 50% or more, increasing IT utilization and reducing deployment costs by hundreds of dollars per PC.

Stay tuned for more analysis surrounding ProDeploy Client Suite and the benefits it can bring to your deployment strategy!

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