Unified Endpoint Management: WorkspaceONE, Windows10, Dell Client Devices

Vmware WorkspaceONE and Dell Clients work well together. Why? Learn more from Unified Workspace Community member, Joris Adriaanse, business development manager at Fondo, in the use case video below. Joris talks with Amy Price, a consultant in product marketing with unified workspace at Dell Technologies, and Sander Noordijk, EUC SE at VMware.

The three discuss solutions and the added value of WorkspaceONE and Dell Client devices to provide you with a better experience for all end users.

Modern management is key where everything is now much more distributed and end users need to work from any device, from any location and WorkspaceONE can accommodate that.

“It’s really good to think about modernization as a long journey and something that you do on an ongoing basis.”

Amy Price

Windows 10, WorkspaceONE and SafeBIOS are continuously improving connectivity and so that there’s better efficiency for system administrators.

Learn more in the video below about how Windows 10, WorkspaceONE, Dell Client devices, and unified endpoint management combine to make an ideal deployment solution for end users.

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