Unified Workspace Community 2020: A Year in Review

October 29, 2020

As our community approaches its first birthday, we thought now would be a great time to take a look back at the last year and reflect on what we have learned and talk about what the future has in store for us.

Looking Back

When we launched in November 2019, we were excited about creating a community where professionals interested in unified endpoint management and modernization could come together, learn from each other and share best practices. As we all know, peer-to-peer interaction and events are the beating heart of any user community, and we were fully geared up to make this a reality.

However very early on, COVID-19 struck and as organizations all over the world were forced to change the way they worked within a matter of weeks, we also had to change our approach to this community.

Instead, this year we met most of you at virtual events. Several of you became members through one of our sister community, VMUG’s events. To keep engaging with you, we redesigned our website to make it more interactive, we ramped up our online content production and we are now planning our first ever community virtual meetup (register here!).

Looking Forward

This year has been a far cry from hosting dinners, participating in fun activities with our members and catching up over beers, however we will get back to that one day soon. We very much plan to continue also maintaining the digital presence we have built up during the pandemic.

In the meantime, we have big plans for the future, whatever that may hold, and we want YOU, our members, to play a bigger part in what that looks like.

User communities are special, because they are so much more than a company telling its customers about their products—it’s about building a group of engaged product advocates and nurturing them; providing them with a forum to learn, network and develop professionally.

You Can Help Build This Community in 2021

We have over 1,000 members now, and to truly represent the views of our community, we are looking to recruit members who would like to be more involved in shaping the direction of the community and what we do next.

We’d love to have you contribute content like a blog or video, provide feedback on our events, website experience, and communications, or be involved with new program initiatives to help community members drive their careers forward. If you are interested in joining our board and helping out with our community, contact us online or drop us an email (memberservices@dtuwc.com) and share some information about why you think you’d be a good fit!